300MICRONS ...

… is the maximal distance between two adjacent capillaries in a typical mammalian tissue. Therefore, three-dimensional (3D) tissue oxygen supply can be continuously maintained by simple diffusion without affecting viability. These organotypic culture conditions are close to the in vivo-situation and offer various possibilities to replace animal testing which today is mandatory in the drug development chain.

... produces microthermoformed polymer films with various geometries. Typical sizes for thermoformed microcavities are in the range of 300 µm. These microcavities are typically arranged in arrays, resulting in the housing of about 10.000 to 500.000 cells per well of a standard 96-well plate, depending on the desired cell number of the assay.

 … can therefore offer innovative solutions dedicated to 3D-cell culture biology, tailored according to specific customer needs. Please inquire demonstrators and offerings via the "contact" page.